Celilo FallsDip-net fishing at Celilo Falls, before the falls were flooded by The Dalles Dam in 1957

Olympic Seafoods is now offering fresh Celilo Select White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) produced by the Yakima Nation White Sturgeon Project.

The sturgeon are raised by the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Nation in  fresh, cool, water sourced from a 320 feet deep artesian well, which delivers a year-round supply of fresh, clean water ideal for spawning, incubating and rearing sturgeon.

The Yakima Nation White Sturgeon Project mission is to reestablish a healthy Columbia River White Sturgeon population through the out-planting of yearling sturgeon in the Mid- Columbia River. This program benefits both treaty and non-treaty fishers as well as secure the future of the Columbia River White Sturgeon population.

Each year, 6-10 mature sturgeon males and females are captured in the Columbia River, held in captivity for about 30 days during the spawning process and released back into the river where they were captured. Last year 18,000 juveniles were released in strategic location throughout the Columbia River system and 3000 were held back and raised for commercial sale, which provides revenues for additional restoration and enhancement throughout the Columbia River.

The sturgeon offered for commercial sale range from 12-14 lb. in the round , or 7-9 lb. bullets. The fish are harvested on Wednesdays and available on FOB Seattle, Thursdays and Fridays. Taste, texture, color, and flavor, (in our opinion) is superior to any sturgeon product on the market today.

The supply is limited, but we want to offer a few accounts a consistent year-round program.

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