CF Co-Op

Approximately 160 miles Northwest of Seattle, located on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula, Neah Bay offers some of the best sport and commercial fishing out there.

The Makah Indians who govern this land, have inhabited the area for an estimated 3,800 years. Much of their history has been centered around living off the land, and as you would expect, they take great care of their fishing heritage. The product coming out of Neah Bay is evident of this. 

While Alaska is well known for its rich and abundant waters, Neah Bay has all the same offerings, with the added benefit of being much closer for lower 48 distribution. In the matter of a day, fish can be caught, off-loaded, and trucked to a Seattle restaurant door, or local distribution center.

Olympic Seafoods is proud to work with the Cape Flattery Fishermen’s Co-Op of Neah Bay, and facilitate a logistic refrigerated service from boat to market. Please check out our ‘Products and Availability’ page for a glimpse at our year-round offerings.